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Prayer For Our Children As They Return To School!

As parents prepare to send their children back to school, there is growing concerns for their safety, and rightfully so. reported that over 100 people have been shot in the last two weeks, in which half of them died. Whether our children are attending kindergarten or college, we shouldn’t have to fear for their safety, every time they leave our presence.

We cannot depend on politicians and lawmakers to protect them, we need divine intervention! We need God’s supernatural protection over our children! We need Him to keep them safe from the plots and schemes of wicked people. We need to pray!

Let us pray for the success and safety of our children.

Father, as we begin this new school year, we ask for your divine protection over our children, community, schools, and teachers. We ask that you keep them from the dangers of this world. Place your angels around them to keep them from the plans of the Devil.

Father, we pray for our children’s academic success. Give them knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to comprehend and complete each assignment. Lord, where they are deficient, give them proficiency. Where they lack confidence, give them courage. We pray that you will increase their reading capacity; let them become book lovers. Lord, help them complete their homework on time. Show them how to be consistent and persistent in everything they set their minds to do. Let nothing distract them, but keep them focused on their dreams.

We declare that our children will make Principal Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll. They will not experience C’s, D’s and F’s, for their grades will never drop. We declare that they will be at the top of their class and will graduate with honors.

Father, we pray that you will surround them with positive role models, and give them valuable friendships. Give them caring teachers who will bring out the best in them. Let them meet the right people who will point them in the right directions and increase their chances for success in life.

We pray that our children will not gravitate towards the ways and habits of the streets. They will not drop out of school or waste their lives with unproductive things. Father, we declare that our children’s lives will not be snuffed out at a young age, but they will live long and do great exploits. They are our future and the legacy of our nation. We ask that you guide them on their journey to greatness.

Father, we pray that they will not follow foolish trends, or give in to the peer pressure of their colleagues just to fit in. We pray that our children will not be victims of bullying. They will not be ashamed of who they are or their values. We declare that their peers will want to be like them, because of their character and integrity.

Lord, teach our children how to be leaders and not followers. Help them to make wise decisions. We declare that they will not plunder their future with drugs, alcohol and other unmentionable things. We pray that our children will not do evil in your sight; but they will know you as their God and honor you with their lives.

We pray that our school board will make decisions that are in the best interest of our children, and our teachers will treat each of them with honor and respect. We also pray that our children will listen to and respect their teachers. They will not disrupt their class but they will be peacemakers. We declare that our children will have favor with their teachers.

Father, we declare and decree that all of our children will have divine academic success, In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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